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First 3D OpenGL OpenFrameworks vid I’ve seen

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Okay. I lied about what my next post would be. I’ll get to that. In the meantime, this is pretty.

Aphex Twin -> 3D HD from andrew mahon on Vimeo.

Very pretty. Beats the hell out of Processing. OpenFrameworks is a visually-oriented C++ framework for interactive artists and researchers. It’s target user base is pretty much the same. I use Processing at the moment, and it compiles to Java. Quick to start, but not nearly so quick to run as a natively compiled C++ app. OpenFrameworks has much better support for OpenCV, the defacto Open Source image-processing library for motion detection and analysis. I’m using JMyron in Processing, and it crawls.

I’ve been waiting to see somebody’s example code, and for GL in OpenFrameworks, Andrew’s looks like one worth reading. Very nice, and very gracious to make the code available. Another plus of using a C++ framework is Vuzix stereo support in the full Mac SDK, though nobody’s exploited that yet, that I’ve seen or heard of. VR920 tracker support is already there, and is present in a Processing library. Just saying. Drop me a line, BTW, if you find this stuff compelling and have experience with OF and GL.


Written by bzerk

February 4, 2009 at 7:55 am

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